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SQL Operating System (SQLOS)

Eintrag zuletzt aktualisiert am: 07.02.2017

Das SQL Operating System (SQLOS) ist ein Kern-Bestandteil des Microsoft SQL Server, der folgende Funktionen erfüllt:
  • Scheduler and IO completion. The SQLOS is responsible for scheduling threads for CPU consumption. Most threads in SQL Server are run in cooperative mode, which means the thread is responsible for yielding so that other threads can obtain CPU time. Most IO is asynchronous. The SQLOS is responsible for signaling threads when IO is completed.
  • Synchronization primitives: SQL server is a multi-threaded application, so SQLOS is responsible for managing thread synchronizations.
  • Memory management: Different components within SQL Server, example plan cache, CLR, lock manager etc request memory from the SQLOS. Therefore, the SQLOS can control how much memory a component within SQL Server is consuming.
  • Deadlock detection and management of the same.
  • Exception handling framework.
  • Hosting services for external components such as CLR and MDAC. SQL Server will run threads that are associated with external component in preemptive mode. Preemptive mode allows the SQLOS to prevents runaway threads (threads which will not yield and allow other threads to get CPU execution). Also the SQLOS can keep track of the memory these external components consume. For example, for CLR the SQLOS can invoke garbage collection if the CLR process is taking up too much memory.

Der Begriff wird seit SQL Server 2005 verwendet.