Eintrag zuletzt aktualisiert am: 05.05.2019

ML.NET ist eine der BUILD 2018 angekündigte Maschine Learning-Bibliothek für .NET.
Sie erreichte am 3.5.2019 den die Version 1.0 [].

"ML.NET is a cross-platform open-source machine learning framework which makes machine learning accessible to .NET developers.

ML.NET allows .NET developers to develop their own models and infuse custom ML into their applications without prior expertise in developing or tuning machine learning models, all in .NET.

ML.NET was originally developed in Microsoft Research and evolved into a significant framework over the last decade and is used across many product groups in Microsoft like Windows, Bing, PowerPoint, Excel and more.

With this first preview release ML.NET enables ML tasks like classification (e.g. support text classification, sentiment analysis) and regression (e.g. price-prediction).

Along with these ML capabilities this first release of ML.NET also brings the first draft of .NET APIs for training models, using models for predictions, as well as the core components of this framework such as learning algorithms, transforms, and ML data structures.

ML.NET runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS - any platform where 64 bit .NET Core or later is available.