WinUI 3.0

Eintrag zuletzt aktualisiert am: 27.10.2019

WinUI 3.0 ist die dritte Version der Windows UI Libray für UWP in Windows 10.

Alt: UWP-Steuerelemente an Windows 10-Version gekoppelt
Derzeit: WinUI 1.x/2.x Steuerelemente für UWP erlauben Down-Level-Nutzung der Steuerelemente in älteren Windows 10-Versionen
Zukunft: WinUI 3.0 Steuerelemente komplett eigene Library (Preview Ende 2019, Final 2020)

Details von Microsoft
"At the Microsoft Build conference in May 2019 we shared our plans for WinUI 3.0, which will greatly expand the scope of WinUI to include the full native Windows UI platform."

"This means that the Xaml framework will now be developed on GitHub and ship out of band as NuGet packages. The existing UWP Xaml APIs that ship as part of the OS will no longer receive new feature updates. They will still receive security updates and critical fixes according to the Windows 10 support lifecycle.

The Universal Windows Platform contains more than just the Xaml framework (e.g. application and security model, media pipeline, Xbox and Windows 10 shell integrations, broad device support) and will continue to evolve. All new Xaml features will just be developed and ship as part of WinUI instead.

Language: .NET (C#, Visual Basic), standard C++
App model: UWP, Win32
Packaging: MSIX, AppX for the Microsoft Store, unpackaged
Interop: use WinUI 3 to extend existing WPF, WinForms and MFC apps with modern Fluent UI

WinUI 3.0 should be backward-compatible to Creators Update (15063) on Windows 10, plus limited support on Windows 8.1"